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April 2016

Sonograma (Catalan) Stone People review!

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Sonograma writes: “These three pieces of Adams – Tukiliit, Among Red Mountainsand Nunatcks- are perhaps the highlight of the recording, treated with delicious expressiveness and impeccable playing technique for the Australian, who reveals a suggestive Adams, majestic even in these miniatures. Throughout the album, the pianist uses a panoply of musical scenes in a well-balanced repertoire section: from the […]

New York Times calls Lisa the “deft soloist” in Hannah Lash’s new piano etudes

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The Hannah Lash Composer Portrait concert April 7th @ Miller Theatre, The New York Times writes this: “The pianist Lisa Moore was the deft soloist in the premiere of “Six Etudes and a Dream,” whose seven vividly scored movements included mournful, slow melodies and virtuosic flurries in the highest register of the keyboard.”

San Francisco Chronicle claps for The Stone People “elegance and fervor”

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San Francisco Chronicle
3 Apr 2016

If you’re going to make a grand piano thunder and clang, you have to be able to do it with the elegance and fervor that pianist Lisa Moore brings to the task. About half of her formidable new release is devoted to […]

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