Tempus Duo - Lisa and Trish
Trish O'Brien


Tempus Duo (www.tempusduo.com) brings together the powerful combination of New York-based celebrated pianist Lisa Moore, with Brisbane-based cellist and Artistic Director Trish O’Brien.

Formed by chance for a performance at the Tyalgum 2018 Music Festival in NSW, these two musicians were brought together for a performance of Alfred Schnittke’s incredibly profound, moving and dynamic first sonata for cello and piano. After one rehearsal it was clear that these two minds were meant to perform together, and the concert’s unanimous standing ovation and cheering after their electric performance delivered that point.

Trish O’Brien (www.trishobriencello.com)
“Outstandingly talented musician, musical gold pours forth” London Observer 2016

Tempus Duo programs are designed to be fiery, passionate and engaging, with a perfect blend of contemporary and established works. Sample program suggestions are listed below. Works can be substituted or a program designed to suit the needs of the presenters and audience.

Please contact us – for 2020 the complete Beethoven Sonatas for cello and piano are available.

Sample programs:

ALandmarks – masterworks from France, USA, Australia, and Russia
Debussy Cello Sonata in D 9’
Bresnick Prayers Remain Forever 14’
Barber Sonata in C minor Op.6 18’
Interval 15’
Paul Dean Three Interludes 14’
Prokofiev Sonata in C major Opus 119  23”
Length 93’

BOzmosis – Modern Australian and American works
Kate Moore Velvet (2010) 12′
Elena Kats-Chernin Blue Silence (2006) 8′
Paul Dean Three Interludes (2014) 12′
Interval 15’
Martin Bresnick Prayers Remain Forever (2012) 12′
Carl Vine Strutt Sonata (2017) 15′
Length 74′

CThrills and Spills – virtuoso masterpieces
Alberto Ginastera – Pampeana No 2   9’
Cesar Franck Sonata  28’
Interval 15’
Alfred Schnittke Sonata No 1 for Cello and Piano  22’
Prokofiev Sonata in C major Opus 119  19’
Length 93’

DClassic Romantics
Schumann Fantasiestücke Op.73 12′
Henrietta Bosmans Sonata for Cello 23’
Interval 15’
Beethoven Sonata in A major Op.69 26’
Prokofiev Sonata in C minor 19′
Length 95’

Other works available on request.

For bookings please contact Lisa Moore through this website contact form.