Solo piano music by Philip Glass

Featuring: Mad Rush, Metamorphosis I-V, Etude no. 2, Satyagraha Act 3 Conclusion, Closing.

“This album of piano works by Philip Glass has more life and freshness than the composer’s own recordings, themselves still vital. When “Mad Rush” begins to teem, Ms. Moore’s playing seems to escape the shackles of Glass’s processes. In the shifting chords of “Closing,” lines sing as if in Baroque counterpoint, with a fragility and tenderness that recalls Strauss. The five tableaux of “Metamorphosis,” and an arrangement of the end of “Satyagraha,” are scarcely less diaphanous.” — David Allen, The New York Times

“Her piano playing is typically crisp and clear, its power coming directly from the score. This isn’t to say that she eschews interpretation and expression. On the contrary, she has been responsible for some of the most emotionally stirring piano recitals I’ve ever heard. But, with Moore, fidelity to the score is paramount, and here, in her Glass recordings, the music is presented in sleek, pristine performances that let the notes do the talking” — Andrew Ford, Inside Story

“Too many Glass recordings? Moore’s disc more than argues its case for inclusion…What becomes abundantly clear from listening to almost any bar on this recording is Moore’s highly developed, intuitive and nuanced approach to this music, one which has been allowed to evolve and refine over a number of years” — Gramophone Review!