February 2021

Link for tickets to my next show

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Here’s a link to Eastern Ripples – my next Feb 25th (8.30pm)  show here in Melbourne. You can buy a ticket to attend live OR a ticket to watch it live streamed.…/

Thank you Melbourne Digital Concert Hall!

January 2021

Limelight interview just published!

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Lisa was recently interviewed by Australia’s Limelight magazine about her covid life during 2020, and her upcoming performance at Bennelong Presents in Sydney this coming Wednesday.

Here is the interview:


First gig since covid started

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Exciting news! Hello Sydney! Please come and hear me perform next week, on Wed 27th Jan, playing music by Philip Glass in the “Bennelong Presents” series – at the delicious, award winning, divinely located Bennelong Restaurant – perched at the

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Lisa’s Covid19 #glassminute of Metamorphosis 2 gathers over 33K listeners.

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Lisa recorded a couple of minutes of Metamorphosis 2 for the #GlassMinute project celebrating artists playing the music of Philip Glass at home under the Covid19 ‘stay at home’ orders.

Lisa Moore plays Metamorphosis No.2 #glassminute

Today’s #glassminute, pianist Lisa Moore plays Metamorphosis No.2 live in New Haven Connecticut

Posted by Philip Glass on Friday, 15 May 2020

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“Lisa makes my dice too small” Rave Norwegian Review for Metamorphosis in Trondheim Cathedral

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“Lisa makes my dice too small”

The piano player visiting Trondheim on Thursday, made the water flow. Not literally, but this was the experience she created.
Words: Maria Veie Sandvik

Water flowed into the cathedral, it was like a dream.
Lisa Moore performed on a podium underneath the main tower, between the northern and southern wing. Despite her considerable […]

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