In case you missed Lisa’s “live” Jan 15th show, Australian Digital Concert Hall will be streaming it! Please watch and listen to “Show Your Heart” from Neilson Space at the Sydney Festival (with guests Jenny Khafagi violinist &

Lloyd Van’t Hoff clarinetist) this coming Wednesday, Jan 25th, starting at 8.30pm AustEDT, or (um) 4.30am USAEST and for 72 hours thereafter. Buy your tickets before the down beat and you can tune in any time from Jan 25-28 for music by Philip Glass, Soomin Kim, Martin Bresnick, Frederic Rzewski, Randy Newman, David Lang, Leos Janáček, and Igor Stravinsky. For more info and to purchase tickets (A$24/US$17) click on the link below – thank you!