Lisa Moore plays Frederic Rzewski

De Profundis and North American Ballads

“The music (De Profundis) is beautiful, sarcastic, gripping, and Lisa Moore’s performance is superb.” (George Grella, Bandcamp Daily, August 2021)

“De Profundis sounds as revelatory as ever in pianist Lisa Moore’s brilliant new recording…”Dreadful Memories” in particular, is soft edged and tender enough to elicit tears…” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Moore tore into Frederic Rzewski’s “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues” with potency and abandon, shaping the piece as effectively in concert as on her recent disc…” — Musical

“Lisa Moore being a woman, her recitation moves Wilde’s words into a slightly more abstract realm than that of Rweski’s…LM’s performance is more lyrical overall…I quickly became fond of Moore’s De Profundis. LM’s performances embrace the written-improvisatory feel of these pieces, though she is more introspective…This is a very enjoyable disc of important repertoire; highly recommended.” — Fanfare Magazine