Sonograma writes: “These three pieces of Adams – Tukiliit, Among Red Mountainsand Nunatcks- are perhaps the highlight of the recording, treated with delicious expressiveness and impeccable playing technique for the Australian, who reveals a suggestive Adams, majestic even in these miniatures. Throughout the album, the pianist uses a panoply of musical scenes in a well-balanced repertoire section: from the most dramatic and hectic like bonus-track Piano Piece four of the composer and virtuoso pianist Frederic Rzewski- until tender and meditative melodies ( [Martin Bresnick’s] Ishi’s Song, inspired by a melody sung in Indian hear their own voice Moore in the early stages). Highlights also Earring Julia Wolfe, a small jewel delicate in appearance but of great evocative power.” Text: Neil Manel Frau-Cortes
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