Halcyon Days – music by Michael Byron

Tender, Infinitely Tender (2016) is nurtured gently into being through the hands of Lisa Moore.” —Julian Cowley, The Wire

“The final track, Tender, Infinitely Tender (2016), is the most recent piece of the album. This solo work is performed by pianist Lisa Moore. There is a transcendental, spiritual feel to this and the phrases roll along as if they never need to end. Tender, Infinitely Tender is a beautiful work played with a sensitive touch and great emotional expression.”—Sequenza21

Halcyon Days is a collection of Byron’s vibrant music for mallet percussion ensembles (marimbas, vibraphones, glockenspiels, and chimes) and music for solo and four-hand piano. Includes the pieces Music of Steady LightMusic of Every NightDrifting MusicStarfields, and Tender, Infinitely Tender. Performers include percussionists William WinantMichael JonesTony Gennaro, and Scott Siler and pianists Lisa MooreVicki Ray and Aron Kallay.