Music by Martin Bresnick

Lisa Moore and So Percussion

“Martin Bresnick’s Caprichos Enfáticos: Los Desastres de la Guerra, an 8-movement concerto for pianist Lisa Moore and So Percussion, begins with, of all things, a farandole/farándula – a popular, jaunty 6/8 chain dance. In live performance, Lisa Moore plays the opening line of the farandúla on xylophone, alone on stage. A percussionist enters behind her and seamlessly takes over the line, and Moore continues to the second line. A second percussionist enters, taking over the first line, and the first percussionist moves to the second line, and Moore moves to the next layer, etc. It’s torturous to try and describe the effect in words, especially since it’s been three years since I saw it live at the 2008 Canberra International Music Festival in Australia, but it really does look and feel like a musical chain dance. It’s also just really cool to watch Lisa Moore play toms.” — Jeremy Howard Beck, I Care If You Listen

“But the force and inventiveness of the music carries the day, and the performance, by the extraordinary pianist Lisa Moore and the splendid So Quartet, is first-rate.” — Josh Kosman, The San Francisco Chronicle

“Ms. Moore plays spiritedly and the rhythmic versus a-rhythmic elements balance nicely in her hands. She doubles on a harmonium in the later movements and gives out with a kind of earthy chorale folksiness.” — Grego Gapplegate Edwards, Classical Modern Music

“Pianist Lisa Moore performs with great technique and a moody sensitivity when called for…” — Daniel Coombs, (contemporary clarinet guy) blog for Amazon (5 stars!)