“The two brave soloists not only sing, but whistle, speak, and play percussion. The first piece was commissioned by the clearly multi-talented Lisa Moore, who performs it here with astonishing verve. Kitzke’s music bristles with polystylism: one moment jazz, one moment contemporary, the next a quote or near-quote. Bringing Roses With Her Words (2009) is an in memoriam for the composer’s longstanding friend Robin Bloom (1952–2008); the title comes from a song by the pop/folk duo Seals and Crofts called Robin (the original is recorded in presumably deliberately spatially separated parts). While Kitzke’s piece may sound, at times, improvised, in fact everything is carefully notated, adding to the impressive nature of the composition. The relatively close recording adds to the involvement factor rather than feeling invasive….” Available on CD: The Redness of Blood, New World Records.

Colin Clarke Fanfare May/June 2022 https://fanfarearchive.com/