Eastern Ripples @ Monash University – Lunchtime Concerts 2021

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Join Lisa Moore and Anna McMichael for this program of music by composers with Eastern European roots. We pre-recorded the works at Monash University in February. This is the first broadcast.

To watch – here is the live stream FB link for 1pm (Aust ET) Thursday March 25th



Alexander Scriabin Preludes 1895-1914 (selected)

Prelude Op.11 no 5 (1896)

Prelude Op.11 no 13 (1895)

Prelude Op.27 no 2 (1900)

Prelude Op.48 no 2 (1905)

Prelude Op.51 no 2 (1906)

Prelude Op.74 no 3 (1914)

Prelude Op.33 no 3 (1903)

Elena Kats-Chernin      Russian Rag (1995)

Philip Glass Piano Etude no.2 (1994)

Béla Bartók    Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (1939) 

Leoš Janáček     Sonata for Violin and Piano (1922)

I Con moto

II Ballada

III Allegretto

IV Adagio 

Martin Bresnick Mayn Rue Plats (2020)  

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