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“Ishi’s Song” sound track makes New Music USA Staff Pick 2016

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Lisa’s Ishi’s Song recording on her CD The Stone People makes New Music USA “best-of staff pick” 2016
ALBUM: The Stone People (Cantaloupe Records)
“Lisa’s playing (and singing) here is, as always, supremely musical and controlled and full of intent, and the piece, like all of Martin’s music, is profound, surprising, and rewarding to delve into. The Ishi […]

Lisa’s “The Stone People” CD hits top 20 of The New York Times Best-of 2016 Classical Music List!

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New York Times Link and Quotes:- “If you spend the next few months with the music compiled here as companion, your life will be, if not necessarily happier or more prosperous, then at least more beautiful.
‘THE STONE PEOPLE’ Lisa Moore, piano and voice (Cantaloupe Music). The occasion for this disc is an assemblage of John […]

Goldbergs tour!

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Just completed a brilliant mini-tour with a new project playing the Bach Goldbergs for two pianos with Sonya Lifschitz. We sliced it up into 3 sections and combined it with music by Philip Glass and George Crumb. We had standing ovations from capacity crowds at the […]

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Sonograma (Catalan) Stone People review!

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Sonograma writes: “These three pieces of Adams – Tukiliit, Among Red Mountainsand Nunatcks- are perhaps the highlight of the recording, treated with delicious expressiveness and impeccable playing technique for the Australian, who reveals a suggestive Adams, majestic even in these miniatures. Throughout the album, the pianist uses a panoply of musical scenes in a well-balanced repertoire section: from the […]